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The supporting thread is used as the base of the column in the ANS( Anterior Nasal Sinus) and the spine toward the tip of the nose lifts the nose and raises the tip.


1. Sterilize the tip of the nose and under the nose column.
2. Invade anesthesia at the tip of the nose and the base of the nose column about 2ml of the dental anesthetic and wait 20 minutes until the hemostatic effect of the anesthetic is effective.


3. Make a hole with a 19G needle or a medical auger at the appropriate end of the nose (2 mm below the tip of the nose, depending on the practitioner, but varies from practitioner).
4 If there is bleeding from the capillaries of the columellar artery of the Superior Labial artery (SLA), which supplies blood to the nasal column, press the tip of the nose and wait for 5 minutes until hemostasis.
5. Using the drilled hole, gently push the Kosil mounted on the 38mm Cannula into the bottom of the ANS.
6. Position the thread so that it lies in front of the middle cartilage between the nose wing cartilage.

7. Push the cannula down with the force of lifting the nose during the pushing process.
8. If the resistance is too strong during the push, the direction is wrong and correct.
9. Insert the two threads and place the upper end of the thread with the micro forceps (about 2mm below the point to be raised). If there is no other procedure, such as the nose, show it to the mirror and show satisfaction. Check it.


10. Unless specifically refused by the patient, in case of raising only the nose, a total of four additional inserts will be inserted.

11. Seal one point with nylon 6 thread and attach the duodeum.12. Harder fillers may be added, demonstrating much longer retention and appearance.Nose raising procedure point: To make sure that the support point of the thread is located exactly in ANS.



1. Raising the nose post may make the asymmetry of the nostrils inherent appear more pronounced.
2. The asymmetry of the nostrils is quite difficult to correct, so do not try as much as possible.
3. If you want to correct the asymmetry of the nostrils, make a proper design from the perforation area, and make sure that the apex of the tip of the nose does not deviate from the center of the face.

4. It should be about 1 ~ 2mm higher than I am satisfied and will be satisfied after 2 weeks.
5. When pushing the thread, it is more important to feel the force of lifting your nose than the pushing force.
6. If the insertion process is too resistant, most of the insertion layer is wrong.
7. If you try to raise a lot of side effects to the end of the nose end up nose as much as possible after the end of the thread through the skin cut only a certain amount of the end of the nose botox treatment in parallel.
8. Recognize the importance of additional procedures.
9. If the height is not high enough, the length of the thread may be short, the thread may not stand on the ANS, the cogging may not be sufficient, the material may be bent back, the thread may be broken in the middle, etc.
10. Design well within the ANS, puncture position, and entry angle so that it does not bulge like a pig nose.​

Inserting the thread of support function and volume function between nasal septum cartilage and bilateral nasal bones to raise nose and live a gentle line.


1. Infiltration anesthesia and perforation: according to general technique.
2. Gently push the thread attached to the 60 mm Cannula along the deep fat layer through the punctured hole.


3. Insert the thread straight through the deep fat layer so that the thread passes through the center of the nose. This feels like a slight scraping of the periosteum.

4. Be careful not to go under the nasal bone when the thread reaches the nasal and cartilage joints.

5. Insert two threads, show yourself in the mirror and check customer satisfaction.

6. If not specifically rejected by the patient, insert an additional two and insert a total of four.

7. Suture the perforated area with nylon 6 one point and attach the duodeum.

12. Explain that the addition of filler, along with the risk, makes the retention period and shape much more satisfying.Case treated to correct spatula. The lower jaw looks back by raising the nose and nose without cutting the chin.

1. The most important technique of the nose thread lifting is a technique (insertion by checking the center line several times) to ensure that the line raised by the thread of the nose is centered.
2. Insert a thread through the deep fat layer, scraping the periosteum away from the blood vessels.
3. Pull the nose and the tip of the nose down to catch the thorns to lengthen the nose.
4. Check with your doctor and insert a thread up to the nose roots between your eyes.

5. In order to meet the needs of customers who want to raise the point of contact between the nose wing cartilage and the septal cartilage, a short thread may be inserted into the area or a filler may be used.
6. Although it is beyond the area of the nose, the off-eye or raising of the base sometimes insert the thread in the high-brow.
7. Recognize the importance of additional procedures after 6 months.

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