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Common name: Maeseon. Collagen thread lifting. Monofilament thread lifting​

Ingredient: PDO, PLLA (PDO is mainly used)​

thickness: 7-0 to 5-0 length: 25mm-90mm​

Deformation: Mono depending on the degree of twist and the number of strands. Screw. Spring. Twist.Double twist. It is named in various| ways such as multi.​

Insertion: It is mainly inserted from the bottom of the dermis to the top of the smas, but in some cases it is put under the dermis.​

Discrimination Point: 
1.the Degree of Achieving Cosmetic Purposes While Minimizing Bleeding, Bruising, and Swelling 2.techniques to Efficiently Insert the Intended Layer, Direction, Length, and Amount




1) Lifting by Contraction Vector

2) Collagen Formation by Stem Cell Activity Due to Increase of All Stem Cell Growth Factors

3) New Blood Vessel Generation and Improvement of Blood Circulation by Increase of Vegf

(Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) 4) Fat Due to Eosinophil Increase Continuous Fat Breakdown Due to Increased Adrenaline Secretion in Cells

Side Effect: Bruise Edema Inflammation

Cost: 1 Million or Less



common name: Barbed thread, cog thread, barb thread​

Ingredient: PDO,PPLA,PCL,PCA(plla+pcl),pe,pp.(pdo is mainly used)​

thickness: 4-0 to 1-0 length: 60mm-130mm(cannula type), 300mm-430mm(chain type)

deformation: it is designed in various ways according to the direction, shape, manufacturing method, and arrangement method of the thorn. Cannula: sharp needle, blunt needle, l-type, w-type, b-type​

Insertion: it is mainly put on the smas layer or deep into the sub-smas.

1. Use of static thread selection according to the goal to be​

Discrimination point: 
Expressed 2. Technique of efficiently inserting the intended layer, direction, length, and quantity 1) direct lifting by thorn




2) collagen formation by stem cell activity by increasing all stem cell growth

factors (average 100 times/1 month) 3) new blood vessel generation and blood

circulation by increasing vegf (vascular endothelial growth factor) improvement (1000 times increase/1 month) 4) cosmetically improves skin tone, whitening, elasticity, wrinkles, and complexion.​

Side effect: bruise. Edema. Inflammation. Actual exposure


Common name: Mesh. Multi. Nose thread. Silhouette. A-mesh


Thickness: 4-0 to 1-0.Depends on the shape of the molding.
Length: 38mm-185mm​

Insertion: mainly smas layer or target layer of interest
1. Use of static thread selection according to the goal to be​

Discrimination point: 
2.Technique of efficiently inserting the intended layer, direction,
Length, and quantity
1) direct lifting by thorn
2) volume effect of thread itself



A: General barbed thread lifting. 

B: A combination of a two-way cog and a one-way cog, a design that re-hangs the end of the one-way nose with a reverse cog to strengthen the support point C: The most powerful support cannula insertion method


Hanging point
When the elevating vector is walked and the holding point or part is strong, and the farther away from the elevating target, the dimples decrease, and as well as the continuous elevating effect, a long-lasting procedure can be performed.​

Colossus tissue
According to the purpose and effect of the procedure, if the part where the thorn is directly classified and operated, it affects the lifting effect, side effects, maintenance period, and partial correction.​

Fixation stability
The elevated tissue must be fixed and stabilized using a thorn thread so that the elevated area is not awkward and natural, and the maintenance period can last a long time.




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